DESIGN | Snow Globes

Harrods Christmas

the brief

With Christmas just around the corner, Prop Studios continued their partnership with Harrods by creating a series of magical snow globes, jars and vases for the White Cosmetics Hall and Black Hall Perfumery.

The brief was to create 16 to 20 snow globes to be positioned on top of the columns in the beauty hall.  To create variety across the floor, there would be at least 4-6 different mini winter scenes with a neutral colour scheme based around whites, silver and woods.

Customers could find beauty products and perfumes displayed in the snow amongst small model houses, icy lakes and Christmas trees.

the design

The idea was to incorporate Harrods beauty products within unique winter scenes, such as a lipstick in a forest, or a perfume on a small wooden bench. There were three themes for the globes – village, park and alpine.

The village scenes were made up of 1:76 scale houses, churches, a train station – each had scale people, animals and added details such a phone boxes, bicycles etc.

The park scenes were filled with snow topped deciduous trees, with deer and ducks, ice skaters on frozen ponds. Lampposts lined walkways.

Alpine scenes were mountainous, with snow topped pine trees, wooden chalets and skiers.

Our designers hand-sketched concepts for each globe, and produced 3d renders, ready for production and installation.