VM | Santa's Workshop

Hyundai Department Store

the brief

Hyundai returned to Prop Studios to design the childhood vision of a classical Christmas in their South Korean Department Store.

From Christmas trees to in-store and outdoor VM, from gift wrap to graphics - we designed a complete Christmas in-store experience for the Hyundai customer.

design & manufacture

Childhood memories were conjured through indoor and outdoor installations and packaging used throughout thestore. Hyundai wanted to feel the warmth of a traditional Christmas with a hint of children’s mischievous humour.

Prop Studios brought these memories to life through a series of installations including Christmas trees, wreaths, a fireplace with Santa stuck in the chimney, an oversized Santa’s Letter, Santa’s workshop machinery and a traditional red post box swirling to life with Santa’s Letters.

Each element was linked by Santa’s little helpers, theChristmas robins, causing mischief in each scene. Each feature, alongside graphics and packaging, was designed from concept to3D rendering and through totechnical drawing by Prop Studios.