30 Sep 2016

FormRoom Levi’s Pop-up at the V&A Museum

FormRoom’s latest project for Levi’s V&A pop-up, Carnaby Street

As part of our ongoing relationship with Levi’s, FormRoom were asked to design and build a shop-in-shop within the V&A to celebrate their latest “You Say You Want A Revolution?” headline exhibition. We also installed our concept within the V&A pop-up shop, located on the legendary Carnaby Street, London.

Taking inspiration from the “Records and Rebels” of the exhibition, FormRoom looked to inject some retro sixties vibes whilst staying true to the Levi’s brand, through the use of natural plywood and seamless joinery.

Levis | VA | Prop Studios | Pop-up

Bespoke leather music trunks were custom fitted with interior shelving to provide a bold and irreverent freestanding product displays. The team also sourced vintage lighting and metal work details to complete the look.

An old saying goes “97% of people at Woodstock wore Levi’s – and the rest were naked”. FormRoom were happy to bring a bit of revolution into the V&A Museum and the 21st century.