VM | In-Store Christmas Display

John Lewis Christmas

the brief

Our sister design company FormRoom partnered with high-end department store, John Lewis Oxford, to bring together a series of magical Christmas activations.

This year, the in-store visual merchandising follows a Christmas log cabin, tree forest and rainbow room theme.

The design direction was dynamic, impactful in-store installations that harnessed customer discovery and nostalgia.


FormRoom worked closely with the John Lewis in-house visual team to capture the inherent feeling of togetherness during Christmas. The concept drew inspiration from a Christmas card scene with family and friends gathering around a wood cabin.

The cabin scene combines rustic, wooden structures with John Lewis furniture and accessories dressed in lights to evoke the feeling of cosiness. To complete the organic and rustic aesthetic, FormRoom integrated small woodland items including fur rugs, pine cones, fire wood and candlelight. Set against an enchanting forest backdrop, the scene transports customers into another world the moment they enter the ‘Christmas Forest’.

The rainbow room brought together an appealing and seamless display of colour. To frame the John Lewis colourful bauble wall, a display of ribbons cascaded from the centre of a dressed 9ft tree. This allowed the brand to merchandise Christmas stock without losing the magic. The retail display tables, along with the arches of ribbon, give the sense of a ‘town’ and divide the retail space.


In-Store Christmas Display 10 | Prop Studios | Formroom | John Lewis Christmas
In-Store Christmas Display 8 | Prop Studios | Formroom | John Lewis Christmas
In-Store Christmas Display 9 | Prop Studios | Formroom | John Lewis Christmas
In-Store Christmas Display 12 | Prop Studios | Formroom | John Lewis Christmas


The Christmas cabin was constructed with solid cherry wood which was professionally treated with a fire guard. The result was an authentic wood structure and LED heater – rarely seen in in-store displays.

This secondary display was visual merchandised by the John Lewis in-house team to showcase their wide range of festive products. Adorned with lights, decorations and frosted with snow, a runway of Christmas trees sit in troughs for customers to walk around. To create an illusion of a deep forest, tree silhouette wall art was placed behind the physical trees.

The rainbow room was decorated with over 400 metres of ribbon which was used to create the individual strands cascading from the central tree. 5mm printed Perspex was then lined up parallel with the hanging ribbon, to create the illusion that the colour carried on through the line. We then laid floor vinyls and magnetic ceiling strips to heighten the rainbow theme.


  • In-Store Christmas Display 7 | Prop Studios | Formroom | John Lewis Christmas
  • In-Store Christmas Display 6 | Prop Studios | Formroom | John Lewis Christmas
  • In-Store Christmas Display 4 | Prop Studios | Formroom | John Lewis Christmas
  • In-Store Christmas Display 3 | Prop Studios | Formroom | John Lewis Christmas
  • In-Store Christmas Display 2 | Prop Studios | Formroom | John Lewis Christmas
WINDOWS | Spring Summer 2018

Issey Miyake

the brief

Prop Studios were invited by Issey Miyake to manufacture and install their latest window scheme that encapsulated the brands renowned 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE and his Reality Lab. team series. The installation resonates with their 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE Spring Summer 2018 collection.

"Clothes that bring joy and happiness to the wearer" is a concept that Miyake has long pursued.

the design &

Issey Miyake and his Reality Lab. team started this project in 2007, with the results of the new production method being launched as a new brand called 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE in 2010. The brand name refers to the way a piece of cloth (“1D”) takes on a three-dimensional shape (“3D”) and is then folded into a flat surface (“2D”), and the way that wearing it transforms it into a presence that transcends time and dimensions (“5D”).

Working with computer scientists, a variety of 3D shapes are folded, then pressed so that the cuts lie in different positions. This new production method has been used to create shirts, skirts, dresses, pants and more. The base material is recycled polyester fabric that has undergone a series of improvements in its development, carrying a message for modern-day garment making. “Clothes that bring joy and happiness to the wearer” is a concept that Miyake has long pursued. The brand brings this together with the production principles of “Regeneration and Re-creation” in a new venture.

Prop Studios manufactured the simple yet effective 2D shapes that closely resembles key pieces within the collection. A high-gloss finish was applied to give a premium look that reflects on the quality and hi-tech craftsmanship of the fabrics Miyake is so well recognised for.

WINDOWS | Chelsea In Bloom


the brief

Prop Studios was invited to design and build Kiehl’s first ever Chelsea in Bloom floral installation. The theme of the prestigious annual floral show was ‘Floral Safari’, and we were invited to create a floral installation which tied in with the Safari theme and also showcased Kiehl’s newly released Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil.

A connection was built between customer and brand by designing a window scheme that could be literally shared with customers by having the 670 flower pots available to take home individually.

Exterior shot of Kiehl's entrance, designed by Prop Studios as part of Chelsea In Bloom
A giraffe sculpture, part of the window display for Kiehl's
Instore design of Kiehl's
Close up of the Kiehl's window display

the design &

The design concept takes inspiration from the ‘African Sundowner’, a cherished and time-honoured tradition and an integral part of any safari experience. This moment marks the transition from day to night; wandering herds in the distance, spectacular sunsets and emerging stars.

A bespoke wooden trellis framework was made and mounted to the front of Kiehl’s Kings Road store facade. Our team of dedicated florists locally sourced Osteospermum flowers, also known as the African Daisy Bush. The flowers come in various tones of blue, pink and yellow and helped to create the stunning ‘sunset’ backdrop.

Each of the 670 flower pots have been individually wrapped in hessian, allowing for them to later be removed by the public and given as gifts. This in turn encourages the local community to come together and share their own stories of the annual art celebration.

Chelsea in Bloom is a unique, annual, floral art show which extends the Chelsea Flower Show out into the local neighbourhood. Prop Studios are delighted to have executed an award winning window display for Kiehl’s which was awarded Gold by a panel including Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) affiliated judges.


  • The original design brief of Prop Studios' Kiehl's window display
  • Prop Studios' 3D mock-up window display for Kiehl's
  • Prop Studios' technical design concept for Kiehl's window display
  • 3D design concept for Kiehl's window display

the award

Chelsea in Bloom Awards – Gold Award

VM | Store Launch Westfield Stratford


the brief

For their first ever bricks and mortar store, Missguided came to Prop Studios to deliver sensational, creative social experiences in-store. Prop Studios revelled in the task, identifying the Missguided brand values and audience to design a number of impactful installations in-store for the Missguided customer.

“It has been a pleasure to be in this project together. The whole team are absolutely fantastic and are some of the most talented and creative people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Treasure Evans, Missguided.

Prop Studios designed this destination store to be a true trailblazer, and is the physical manifestation of the Missguided spirit at every turn
The first Missguided store exudes a brand personality and deep understanding of its loyal customer
Prop Studios designed and produced a fully fitted gigantic pink Missguided monster truck, bedecked in jewels, pink leather, lighting and chromed features
Prop Studios' impactful scheme of shareable moments continues throughout Missguided's Westfield Stratford store, with a bespoke vending machine dispensing 'Unicorn Dreams'

design & manufacture

We designed and produced a fully fitted gigantic pink monster truck, bedecked in jewels, pink leather, lighting and chromed features. The entrance focal point is surrounded by oversized donut tyres, dripping with icing and sprinkles. We then strung Missguided pink dollar bills from a money gun to complete the decadent scene, a ready-made social media post.

The impactful scheme of shareable moments continues throughout the Westfield Stratford store with our bespoke vending machine dispensing ‘Unicorn Dreams’, oversized pink and chrome flamingos, bespoke hashtags and more. We designed and manufactured each element in-house through a close collaboration with the client.

This destination store is a true trailblazer, and is the physical manifestation of the Missguided spirit at every turn.

The first Missguided store exudes a brand personality and deep understanding of its loyal customer. The multi-sensory experiences in-store engage and inspire customers.


  • Beyond the sculptures, Prop Studios strung Missguided pink dollar bills from a money gun to complete the decadent scene, a ready-made social media post
  • Prop Studios designed and manufactured each element of the visual merchandising scheme in-house in close collaboration with Missguided
  • The monster truck is the focal point of Missguided's entrance, and is surrounded by oversized donut tyres, dripping with icing and sprinkles
  • Prop Studios created multi-sensory experiences in-store to engage and inspire Missguided's customers
  • Prop Studios' award-winning visual merchandising scheme was created in direct collaboration with Missguided to provide social media-worthy experiences at every turn
  • Prop Studios created bespoke oversized hashtags, displayed throughout the Missguided store
  • Our visual merchandising scheme for Missguided won Best Outstanding Feature and Best In-Store Branding at the VM & Display Awards
  • Full image depicting Prop Studios' eye-catching Missguided monster truck

the award

The creative scheme won 2 awards at the VM & Display Awards:
– Best Outstanding Feature/Prop
– Best in-Store Branding

WINDOWS | Flagship Store


the brief

Take your Face to the Gym.

Prop Studios were absolutely delighted to partner with innovative brand Facegym on their very first flagship, located on the world famous Kings Road, London. Founder Inge Theron has spent years travelling the globe in the search of the ultimate beauty and health experiences; the result is a market-first combination of stimulating treatments, bespoke products and world-class service.

Facegym, as a market disrupter, is an exciting brand to work on customer experience with allowing us, through our designs, to redefine how customers experience skincare and wellbeing in-store.

LED light rings displaying products in the window display of Facegym's flagship store
Close-up of TV screens within the Facegym window display
Interior shot of the Facegym store
Alternate interior view of the Facegym store

design & manufacture

Prop Studios created a truly unique window scheme with the brand’s ‘future retro’ aesthetic concept at the forefront.

With a nod to the hoops found in traditional gyms, bespoke LED light rings are suspended with an internal oak shelf for highlighting key product launches. Hand-dyed leather straps also mimic the brand’s signature colours.

Bespoke oak frame lightboxes call out the intriguing ‘Open Beauty Lab’ concept with a simple play on the traditional “open” sign, whilst a discrete tonal store front and hang sign are bathed in a yellow glow – the brand’s signature colour.

Six retro-themed screens were painstakingly recreated from original retro TV sets, with vacuum-formed moulds complete with curved screen wrapping over digital monitors. These are then stacked together, allowing the brand to showcase introductory tutorial videos and campaign imagery to entice and inform passing potential customers, whilst staying true to the future retro aesthetic.

Inside the store, Prop Studios worked alongside the brand’s own team and designers Avroko to create a sensational combination of bespoke furniture and features in wood, copper and marble.

The studio includes a bar where customers can blend their own bespoke beauty products with the help of expert mixologists, before heading into the open-plan treatment room for their non-invasive facial workouts.

Our sister brand, FormRoom, continues to work on the expanding in-store identity of this exciting brand.

  • Technical designs for Prop Studios' window display at Facegym's flagship store
  • Prop Studios' initial signage concepts for the Facegym flagship store's window display
  • Further signage concepts for the Facegym window display
  • Concept development technical sketch of the Facegym flagship store's window display
  • Technical blueprints for the components of the Facegym window display
  • Technical sketches for Prop Studios' window display design for Facegym
WINDOWS | Selfridges


the brief

Prop Studios partnered with NARS to produce an animated Selfridges window scheme for their latest product launch. The window launched a new lipstick range named after 70s rock songs celebrating the Selfridges theme, Music Matters.

The brand, and product launch, is a perfect collaboration for the Selfridges Music Matters theme. The animated window brought the NARS rock chic product to life.

Front shot of Prop Studios' window display for NARS at Selfridges.
Alternate close-up shot of the NARS window display
Close-up shot of the NARS window display
Photo of the tiles and lighting within the NARS window display at Selfridges

manufacture &

Prop Studios created a retro radio scene with oversized animatronic factices on a bespoke track that slid across the window and across each other, reflecting a radio tuner.

The team also incorporated lighting highlighting each individual factice coming together to spell out NARS, where a halo glow celebrated the reveal.

Hidden under a suspended floor, the track was programmed to move the factices along the window to run for the full length of the installation. The factices were exact scaled replicas in NARS signature matte finish.

The NARS brand was launched with 12 iconic lipsticks in the early 90’s with the philosophy of boundary-breaking, bold beauty

  • Prop Studios' initial technical design sketch for NARS window display
  • Prop Studios' technical design of the NARS signage within the Selfridges window display
  • Mock-up design of the NARS window display
  • Window blueprint for the NARS display
  • Light scheme of NARS window display
WINDOWS | In Bloom

Miller Harris

the brief

World renowned Perfumery Miller Harris invited Prop Studios to produce a modern floral window display and in-store installation for their ‘In Bloom’ campaign, launched as part of Covent Garden in Bloom. Covent Garden in Bloom ties in with the prestigious Chelsea Flower show and celebrates Covent Garden as the oldest square in London with a return to its historic past as a floral haven.

The aim was to highlight and showcase specific floral accents, taking the modern Bohemian spirit of Miller Harris as inspiration. 

design & manufacture

Our design team worked very closely to ensure the campaign was reflected within the window display and interiors. Incorporating cascading faux florals which, gradually taking over the store walls, celling and furniture.

Mirrored geometric shapes hang within the florals and are angled on shelves to create a kaleidoscope effect. Outside the main window is a bespoke made bench covered in florals as the bench frames the neon lettering spelling out ‘In Bloom, allowing for an impactful photo opportunity for shoppers and passers-by.

Miller Harris pride themselves on developing the finest fragrances by honouring nature and breathing colour and life into their perfumes. As the months go on, we will be working closely with Miller Harris to alter their window display in conjunction with their new seasonal fragrance launches.


  • Prop Studios' original concept design of the Miller Harris window design
  • Prop Studios' concept design sketch for the interior view of the Miller Harris window
  • Concept design for exterior of Miller Harris store
  • Alternate close-up of Miller Harris window, with Covent Garden In Bloom sign
  • Window concept for Miller Harris store, with examples of signage and foliage

the award

The campaign won for Best POP/VM Solution at the Retail Week Interiors Awards

WINDOWS | Townhouse, Selfridges

Jo Malone

the brief

Prop Studios were invited to work alongside Jo Malone to design and produce a window scheme that encapsulated the brand in their Selfridges Birmingham concession. The installation was part of the ‘Neon’ Selfridges theme which runs for 12 months.

The beauty of the Jo Malone windows rests with the combination of gorgeous design and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Interior of the Jo Malone concession at Selfridges with window design in view
Image of the Jo Malone townhouse window and the interior of the store
Front view of the reflected Jo Malone townhouse windows at Selfridges
Image of the townhouse design

design & manufacture

We crafted an edge-lit acrylic Jo Malone London Townhouse, visible from 360 degrees. The team developed a new experimental engraving technique allowing the light to be captured across the panel, spanning 2 metres in width and 3 metres in height.

The panel was illuminated from all four edges to highlight the etching and produce a white neon effect. Black metal framing and base were constructed to ensure stability for the freestanding unit.

The scheme was designed to be adaptable throughout the year, transforming the iconic townhouse through the seasons. Also, allowing the townhouse to be customised during key launches and events exclusive to Selfridges and throughout the Christmas season.

  • Technical sketch of Jo Malone townhouse window design
  • One of Prop Studios' original blueprint sketches for the Jo Malone window
  • An additional technical drawing of the dimensions of the Jo Malone window
  • An initial sketch by Prop Studios of the townhouse design to be featured on the window
  • A technical sketch of the Jo Malone window, with townhouse design
  • Technical sketch by Prop Studios showing how the window will be constructed
VM | Christmas Scheme

Tate Modern

the brief

Prop Studios worked with Tate Modern to produce a bold contemporary Christmas scheme for the museum’s store.

In 2014, RCA graduates Signe Emma & Theodoulos Polyviou won a competition for their ‘The Illusion of Christmas’ cards to be sold at Tate Modern. The museum’s Christmas scheme would be based on these bold red and white designs.

Tate Modern commissioned these bestselling Christmas cards to be transformed into enlarged hanging displays.

Crafting a bold Christmas display for a contemporary gallery.

Close-up image showing the three separate layers of contrasting lines used in the Tate Modern display to create a sense of depth and optical illusion
Prop Studios' instore designs were placed within the Tate Modern's gift shop, adding a contemporary festive spirit to the gallery
Prop Studios' brief was to create a bold Christmas visual merchandising display for the contemporary art gallery
Close-up image showing how the three-layered card designs interacted with each other

design & manufacture

Placed within Tate’s gift store, the card designs were printed across three separate layers to create depth and sense of illusion.

WINDOWS | Music Matters, Selfridges

Folli Follie

the brief

Prop Studios had the pleasure of working with international jewellery and accessories brand Folli Follie to display their first window in Selfridges, London.

Our brief was to highlight the brands’ exclusive products in a chic, bold and playful way.

As part of Selfridge’s current campaign ‘Music Matters’, the aim was to convey and design Folli Follie as a type of music.

The Music Matters campaign at Selfridges reasserts the importance of collective experiences in sound. The campaign has been inspired by the closure of many iconic live music venues over the past few years.

Alternate angle of Folli Follie window display
Image of speaker and neon sign within Folli Follie display
Close-up of perspex hearts hanging within the window, designed by Prop Studios
Full exterior shot of Prop Studios' window design for Folli Follie

design & manufacture

Incorporating the brand’s vibrant orange and warm grey colours, the team based their concept on a modern and minimal representation of music escaping from a speaker.

Using the brands ’Heart For Heart’ motif, the shapes disperse elegantly across the window, suspended at various levels, to embody sound escaping.

Product is seamlessly integrated using the Perspex hearts as the perfect backdrop to highlight the watches and jewellery fitted to a free-standing clear acrylic panel.

Details included illuminating the motifs with LED lighting and edge lit acrylic. Additionally, gun metal silver glitter was applied to the centre of the motifs, glistening as they catch the light.

Folli Follie launched seven new collections using the two large windows and four additional tank windows situated at the entrance to attract onlookers to visit their pop-up. situated on the lower ground at Selfridges. The new range is exclusive only to Selfridges, both online and in-store.

  • Exterior shot of Folli Follie window
  • Alternative Folli Follie window display
  • Image showing Prop Studios' edge-lit acrylic heart designs in action
  • Prop Studios' original concept sketch for Folli Follie window display at Selfridges
WINDOWS | Flagship Windows


the brief

Prop Studios were absolutely delighted to design and create the flagship window scheme for international active-wear superstar Lululemon, to launch their brand new London Flagship store on Regent’s Street.

Our brief was to showcase the exciting collaboration between world-renowned art college Central Saint Martins; a dazzling exploration titled “Into the Wilderness.” The concept looks to reflect the Lululemon customer who lives their life in motion, celebrating grace and strength through dynamic and powerful movement.

A partnership of youthful creative design and innovative high-quality product takes centre stage.

Further images of Prop Studios' bespoke mannequins
A view of the Lululemon window display from Regents Street
Close-up of the bespoke mannequins

design & manufacture

In order to capture this potent energy and movement in a static window concept, Prop Studios took inspiration from brutalist architecture and the “perfect imperfections” of nature to form a seemingly organic shape in a layered formation of hand-cut batons, sweeping across the space. Manipulation of scale and space gave the structure a dynamic quality within an extremely restrictive space.

Vinyl graphics on both the window pane and exterior floor bring the concept bursting out of the store and onto Regent’s Street.

Informal LED light grooves within some of the batons give the installation an added emphasis of drama once night falls.

Bespoke, expressive mannequins are suspended amongst the flow of the shape to showcase the vibrancy and beauty of frozen dynamic movement.

Neutral tones in grey and white allow the heroes of the piece, the partnership of youthful creative design and innovative high-quality Lululemon product, to take centre stage.


  • Technical sketch of the design for the batons in the Lululemon window
  • Another of Prop Studios' original technical sketches of the relay batons sweeping across the window
  • Geometric outline sketch of how the relay batons would be displayed across the window
  • Prop Studios' original concept sketches for the Lululemon window display
WINDOWS | Design Studio Selfridges

Mon Purse

the brief

Continuing our relationship with Contemporary accessories brand, Mon Purse, Prop Studios
were invited to create a world class window display at Selfridges London. Invoking the fantasy of a luxury accessory designer’s studio.

Tying in with the current Selfridges, ‘Our House’ campaign we sought to transport customers inside the creative and luxurious world of Mon Purse, whilst allowing the fully customised accessories to hold pride of place, we sought to create a behind the scenes aspirational snap shot of the brand within the window display.

Mon Purse deliver a personalised, bespoke product – our designs reflect these values by creating an individualised, considered brand experience.

manufacture & installation

Incorporating custom built light boxes and illuminated floating shelves which feature Mon Purse’s handbags and ornaments to give off the work shop ambiance.

Conceptual ceiling features with nods to the production process in the shape of pattern cuttings float in the air above the LED lit “design studio” attached to the champagne gold mesh wall, which feature Mon Purse accessories and fabric samples, aiming to inspire the viewer to create their own luxury accessories in store.

A designer sketch book with accessory product designs within sits upon the marble and champagne gold metal frame desk, aiming emphasise the ‘fantasy of a luxury designers’ studio.

Two marble circular plinths are also incorporated within the window, displaying iconic Mon Purse handbags.

Mon Purse pride themselves in delivering the language of personal style, creating bespoke and individual designs, giving you the perfect accessory you’ve been searching for.


  • Prop Studios' initial sketch for Mon Purse window design
  • Blueprint for store layout
  • Prop Studios' blueprint for Mon Purse window design layout
  • Prop Studios' design for layout of items in Mon Purse window
  • Frame designs for Mon Purse window
WINDOWS | London Marathon


the brief

To celebrate the London Marathon and the Lululemon run philosophy, Prop Studios were invited to create a window display at their flagship store on Regent Street.

Allowing people to rediscover the joy that running brings, the concept was to recreate the iconic London skyline that is found along the marathon route.

Featuring a layered London skyline as the backdrop to the London Marathon, Lululemon displayed its affinity to the iconic annual event.

Close-up interior photograph of the Lululemon window
External photograph of the Lululemon store on Regent Street, with the window display fully visible
Photograph of one of the Lululemon windows designed by Prop Studios, featuring London landmarks
Photograph of one of the windows designed by Prop Studios

design & manufacture

Our design team worked closely with Lululemon to ensure that this was a stylised execution that would feel contemporary, light and airy. A back lit wall with iconic landmarks including the London Eye and Tower Bridge, complimented by a 3D “REINVENT YOUR RUN’ tagline was incorporated for high impact.

We also sought to create additional layers of depth into our skyline story, by including window graphics of Somerset House and additional buildings including The Gherkin and Canary Wharf, which were manufactured out of foam board, acrylic and perspex to add to the perspective.

Lululemon’s current collection is inspired by City Tribes and the palette for this window scheme was intentionally muted, to highlight the beauty and diversity of the London Marathon. Groupings of mannequins in running poses are displayed throughout the scheme, ensuring the collection really pops against the iconic backdrop of the London skyline.


  • Image of the mannequins inside the Lululemon window
  • Prop Studios' initial concept for the Lululemon display, alongside a photograph of the window
  • Concept sketch for the Lululemon window design
  • Concept sketch of the Lululemon window
WINDOWS | Red Campaign


the brief

To launch the ‘Lace Up, Save Lives’ NIKE (RED) Campaign Prop Studios designed, manufactured and installed the campaign into Niketown on London’s Oxford Circus.

It is by far the best marketing launch that we have done in Nike Town London - I would even say globally across all Niketown's!"

Sharon Beagrie, Nike

Over 5,000 metres of lace was hand sculpted by Prop Studios to create multiple installations within the Niketown window
Prop Studios designed, produced and installed all elements including sculptural installations, in-store graphics, outdoor signage and lighting
Example of Prop Studios' hand-crafted lace sculptures within the Niketown store
Close-up shot of one of Prop Studios' lace sculptures for Niketown

design & manufacture

Prop Studios created a full window scheme across Niketown with our sister division, FormRoom, fitted out all interior activations across all four floors of this mega-store.

Over 5,000 metres of lace was hand sculpted to create multiple installations. Prop Studios designed, produced and installed all campaign elements including sculptural installations, in-store graphics, outdoor signage and lighting.

  • Technical drawing showing how the lace sculptures would be constructed within the Niketown windows
  • Additional technical design notes showing Prop Studios' design for the Niketown window scheme
  • Technical design for entrance graphic, designed exclusively for Niketown by Prop Studios and FormRoom
  • Technical design drawing for the right window of Niketown
  • Elevation diagram for Prop Studios' Niketown window design

the award

RVM ‘Best In-Store Branding’ award.