WINDOWS | Perfume Windows

Al Rubaiyat

the brief

Prop Studios were commissioned by Modern Luxury Ltd to design and manufacture a series of large props to complete four stunning windows in the Al Rubaiyat Department Store, Saudi Arabia.

The brief was elegant luxury and it was proposed each window would revolve around a large prop element.

"I just want to let you know, the props look beautiful, they well blended with the set up I created here, it's amazing that I did not see the on-going process while I was blindly doing the rest of setup on the other side of the world, and the result was very complete just like my sketches even more striking. Everyone is commenting super positively about them."

Amra Alabdalilsharif, Rubaiyat Marketing Manager

Close-up of silk flowers within the horn of a gramophone, displayed in the second window of the Al Rubaiyat store
Image of Prop Studios' final window display for Al Rubaiyat
Image of the
Image of a giant perfume bottle, designed and built by Prop Studios exclusively for Al Rubaiyat's window display

design & manufacture

Suspended in the first window is a large chandelier with smoked glass perfume bottles and crystal droplets. This stunning chandelier was constructed by 3 steel rings connected with a chain. It was suspended above a beautifully laid dining table, showcasing pieces available within the store itself.

The second window shows a giant gramophone with a rotating record with silk flowers cascading from the trumpet.

In the third window, the section of a carousel holds centre stage with scenically painted details. Instead of typically traditional carousel horses, we see giant versions of perfume bottles between poles and acrylic boxes to showcase product.

In the final window a giant perfume bottle can be seen tilted within a lavish bedroom scene, complete with decorative wallpaper mounted with rows of antique gold frames, mirrors and a luxury dresser table.

All the props were created to an extremely high standard to fit with sets that the client had built by their team in Saudi Arabia.

  • Prop Studios' original technical drawing, showing how the giant carousel in the Al Rubaiyat window would be designed and constructed
  • Prop Studios' original sketch depicting the concept of the flowers emerging from the gramophone, which would later be made into a sculpture for Al Rubaiyat
  • Close up image showing one of Prop Studios' window displays from the exterior of the Al Rubaiyat store
  • Technical sketch created by Prop Studios to show how the gramophone would be designed
  • Prop Studios' original sketch showing the concept for the Al Rubaiyat carousel
  • Close-up of Prop Studios' bespoke chandelier, designed exclusively for the windows of Al Rubaiyat
  • Original technical sketch by Prop Studios, showing the design of the Al Rubaiyat carousel
  • Prop Studios' original sketch depicting the giant tilting perfume bottle, later created as part of the window design for Al Rubaiyat
  • Image featuring the bespoke
  • Technical drawing showing the construction of the light fittings within one of the Al Rubaiyat windows designed by Prop Studios
  • Prop Studios' original sketch to show the concept for one of the four windows designed exclusively for Al Rubaiyat
  • Close-up photo of the chandelier designed and built by Prop Studios for Al Rubaiyat
  • Technical drawing showing the construction of the bespoke gramophone designed by Prop Studios
  • Prop Studios' original sketch, showing the concept for one of the four Al Rubaiyat window displays