Design | Galaxy S9 Launch


the brief

Samsung & Cheil Worldwide commissioned Prop Studios to develop a number of window and in-store concepts to celebrate the launch of the Galaxy S9.

Key features of the new handset included an innovative camera and super-slow-motion mode, so our concepts took inspiration from moments ‘in-between’ moments. The flap of a bird’s wings, the fronds blowing from a dandelion; all set within Samsung’s global brand directive guidelines.

A visually creative and contemporary representation of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 features.

Samsung | Galaxy S9 Launch | Concept Design 4 | Prop Studios
Samsung | Galaxy S9 Launch | Concept Design 3 | Prop Studios
Samsung | Galaxy S9 Launch | Concept Design 1 | Prop Studios
Samsung | Galaxy S9 Launch | Concept Design 2 | Prop Studios

the design

Our designers developed the dandelion scheme to represent the products’ slow-motion mode. We utilised long steel tubes with LED wires for the dandelion frongs. A contemporary representation of the dandelion as a light installation.

The window schemes bring together touches of lavender, inherent in the Samsung branding, but overall a neutral colour palette.

The concept has been adapted to be part of a series of windows, including suspended products to mimic the blowing stems of a dandelion.

In a secondary window scheme, the design was based on a flock of birds sweeping across the window. A TV screen seemingly captures a bird in slow motion, demonstrating the products’ slow-motion feature and zoom.