VM | Mary Portas

House of Fraser

the brief

Mary Portas wanted to energise the UK clothing industry by starting her own production line to manufacture a staple in any woman’s wardrobe – 100% British knickers. To celebrate this Mary took part in a TV show for Channel 4 called ‘Mary’s the Bottom Line’ and launched a shop within Manchester’s House of Fraser.

Visual storytelling launches the in-store campaign to celebrate British manufacturing.

Prop Studios also created and installed a series of bespoke mannequins, designed with Mary Portas's trademark orange bob hairdo
Prop Studios' visual merchandising campaign for Mary Portas was designed to celebrate British manufacturing
Prop Studios sourced the spools of bright orange wool from British wool millenaries
Prop Studios designed the visual merchandising scheme so that the wool would twist into the window and through the vintage machinery, forming a striking art installation

design & manufacture

Prop Studios worked with House of Fraser to manufacture and install the promotional launch within her Manchester shop, using bright orange wool sourced from British wool millenaries along with traditional machines.

The wool starts at one end of the store and runs all the way through the entire length of the floor, twisting into the window and into the vintage machinery, in the form of a striking art installation.

  • The lines of wool were spread throughout the Mary Portas store, creating a visually striking installation
  • Close-up image of mannequins within the visual merchandising scheme, with orange wool forming a striking backdrop
  • Close-up image of the products available within the Mary Portas store
  • The wool started at one end of the Mary Portas store, extending all the way through the entire length of the floor
  • The orange wool used in the design originated from a series of spools showcased at the focus point of Prop Studios' visual merchandising scheme