VM | Christmas Scheme

Jack Wills

the project

Prop Studios were invited by Jack Wills to spread the Christmas spirit throughout their London stores.

The brief was to transform the brand’s Carnaby Street Store into a wonderful and slightly wacky Christmas. This would be a mash up of tacky with a traditional twist to create an inviting light-hearted atmosphere.

Thanks so much for all yours and the team's work also, I've had some really positive feedback so far."

David Roberts, Store Experience Coordinator, Jack Wills

Jack Wills' team suggested that ‘the devil is in the detail’ and that the decorations shouldn’t be too obvious
Prop Studios designed, manufactured and installed every element of this striking festive visual merchandising scheme
The downstairs floor of the Jack Wills store was designed to be a Narnia forest with real Christmas trees
Prop Studios also created an indoor snow drift, and designed robins to be perched on existing cages within the Jack Wills store

design & manufacture

The idea was for customers to find hidden gems amongst the scheme.

The client suggested that ‘the devil is in the detail’ and that the decorations shouldn’t be too obvious.

Downstairs was to be a Narnia forest with real Christmas trees, a snow drift and robins perched on existing cages. Prop Studios did the design, manufacture and installation of the scheme.

After the success of the Soho store, Prop Studios was further requested to create props for their Covent Garden store.


  • Initial design concepts created by Prop Studios for the Jack Wills store
  • Prop Studios based the instore designs for Jack Wills on initial sketches and 3D computer renders
  • Computer drawings showing the initial designs created for the visual merchandising scheme by Prop Studios
  • Initial concept designs for the snow drift, leading to the indoor Narnia forest
  • Initial concept designs created by Prop Studios, showing details which were to be hidden within the Jack Wills store
  • Computer renders of the signage created for the VM scheme by Prop Studios
  • Our visual merchandising scheme extended throughout the Jack Wills store, with some hidden elements for customers to find