WINDOWS | Townhouse, Selfridges

Jo Malone

the brief

Prop Studios were invited to work alongside Jo Malone to design and produce a window scheme that encapsulated the brand in their Selfridges Birmingham concession. The installation was part of the ‘Neon’ Selfridges theme which runs for 12 months.

The beauty of the Jo Malone windows rests with the combination of gorgeous design and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Interior of the Jo Malone concession at Selfridges with window design in view
Image of the Jo Malone townhouse window and the interior of the store
Front view of the reflected Jo Malone townhouse windows at Selfridges
Image of the townhouse design

design & manufacture

We crafted an edge-lit acrylic Jo Malone London Townhouse, visible from 360 degrees. The team developed a new experimental engraving technique allowing the light to be captured across the panel, spanning 2 metres in width and 3 metres in height.

The panel was illuminated from all four edges to highlight the etching and produce a white neon effect. Black metal framing and base were constructed to ensure stability for the freestanding unit.

The scheme was designed to be adaptable throughout the year, transforming the iconic townhouse through the seasons. Also, allowing the townhouse to be customised during key launches and events exclusive to Selfridges and throughout the Christmas season.

  • Technical sketch of Jo Malone townhouse window design
  • One of Prop Studios' original blueprint sketches for the Jo Malone window
  • An additional technical drawing of the dimensions of the Jo Malone window
  • An initial sketch by Prop Studios of the townhouse design to be featured on the window
  • A technical sketch of the Jo Malone window, with townhouse design
  • Technical sketch by Prop Studios showing how the window will be constructed