WINDOWS | Imaginarium


the brief

Prop Studios developed the designs and manufactured this opulent Christmas scheme for Liberty. Known as ‘Imaginarium’, the scheme was inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas and developed into a series of celestial displays across 9 windows. Each window is a wonderful interpretation of lines from the Christmas carol.

This luxurious window scheme for Liberty is a popular source of design inspiration across social media.

Close-up of one of Prop Studios' 12 Days Of Christmas windows for Liberty's Imaginarium
One of Prop Studios' two turtle doves, adorned with crystals by Prop Studios as part of Liberty Imaginarium's 12 Days Of Christmas window scheme
Close-up shot of the vintage sleigh, upholstered and designed by Prop Studios for Liberty's Christmas window display
Close-up of the seven swans a-swimming, featured in one of the windows designed by Prop Studios as part of Liberty's Christmas scheme

design & manufacture

‘Lords are Leaping’ were visualised with 12 marionette figures which we sourced from North India. These wonderful puppets are dressed in rich burnt oranges and blue fabrics. They move up and down above two elegant mannequins dressed in colours from Liberty’s menswear range.

‘Two Turtle Doves’ are created through two taxidermy white doves that have been adorned with crystals. The doves are seen flying over and pulling an ornate vintage sleigh that is upholstered in satin, filled with wrapped presents and adorned with flickering lanterns. The ‘Six Geese a Laying’ is visualised through a rotating carousel of birds, hand-made and painted by Prop Studios.

‘Maids a Milking’ and ‘Golden Pears’ visualised this dream-like style with white trees bearing pears covered in gold leaf and maids draped amidst bales of golden hay. ‘My True Love’ windows are styled with golden hot air balloons adorned with crystals and filled with presents.

Further windows represented ‘Swans a Swimming, ‘Ladies Dancing’ and ‘5 Gold Rings’ each embellished with a variety of creations including golden bird cages. Each window was framed with curtains that were hand made from sumptuous fabrics.

The theme continues in-store with over 9,000 milgros tin stars hanging throughout the Beauty Hall, Beauty Rooms and Atrium.

  • Technical drawing showing the dimensions of one of the sculptures designed by Prop Studios for Liberty's Christmas window scheme
  • Technical drawing of one of the six geese a-laying, designed as a rotating carousel by Prop Studios
  • Original Prop Studios' technical drawing showing how the six geese would be constructed for the Liberty's Christmas window
  • Prop Studios' original technical drawing, outlining the dimensions for the six geese a-laying carousel for Liberty's Christmas windows
  • Technical drawing to show the design of the tent of Prop Studios' six geese a-laying carousel for Liberty's