WINDOWS | Switch House

Tate Modern

the brief

Prop Studios were invited by the Tate Modern to originate an impactful window scheme for the launch of the new Tate building – Switch House, by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron.

Inspired by themes of inclusion and interaction, the window display design subtly engages with the audience.

Close-up shot of Prop Studios' Switch House window design, showing its graphic components
Alternate view of Tate Modern Switch House window display, with
Full view of Tate Modern Switch House window display
Alternate close-up of component graphic parts which make up the Switch House window

design & manufacture

The Prop Studios team designed, manufactured and installed the scheme combining graphic and sculptural elements to create an engaging statement for the launch window. Spheres on rods make the logo appear to disjoin and realign, depending on the chosen perspective of its audience.

The scheme is a development of the Tate’s rebranded logo, which was inspired by themes of interaction and inclusion through spherical forms.

The logo compromises of 300 vinyl circles, 75 wooden spheres of various sizes and 69 half spheres. The high gloss background is highly reflective, creating the illusion of spheres suspended in mid-air, whilst also subtly reflecting the viewer to include them as part of the overall aesthetic.

  • Prop Studios' original technical sketch of Switch House window design
  • Prop Studios' initial concept sketches for the Switch House window
  • Additional potential concept sketches for the Switch House window
  • Technical drawing showing how the design appears to a passerby