WINDOWS | Flagship Windows


the brief

Prop Studios were absolutely delighted to design and create the flagship window scheme for international active-wear superstar Lululemon, to launch their brand new London Flagship store on Regent’s Street.

Our brief was to showcase the exciting collaboration between world-renowned art college Central Saint Martins; a dazzling exploration titled “Into the Wilderness.” The concept looks to reflect the Lululemon customer who lives their life in motion, celebrating grace and strength through dynamic and powerful movement.

A partnership of youthful creative design and innovative high-quality product takes centre stage.

Further images of Prop Studios' bespoke mannequins
A view of the Lululemon window display from Regents Street
Close-up of the bespoke mannequins

design & manufacture

In order to capture this potent energy and movement in a static window concept, Prop Studios took inspiration from brutalist architecture and the “perfect imperfections” of nature to form a seemingly organic shape in a layered formation of hand-cut batons, sweeping across the space. Manipulation of scale and space gave the structure a dynamic quality within an extremely restrictive space.

Vinyl graphics on both the window pane and exterior floor bring the concept bursting out of the store and onto Regent’s Street.

Informal LED light grooves within some of the batons give the installation an added emphasis of drama once night falls.

Bespoke, expressive mannequins are suspended amongst the flow of the shape to showcase the vibrancy and beauty of frozen dynamic movement.

Neutral tones in grey and white allow the heroes of the piece, the partnership of youthful creative design and innovative high-quality Lululemon product, to take centre stage.


  • Technical sketch of the design for the batons in the Lululemon window
  • Another of Prop Studios' original technical sketches of the relay batons sweeping across the window
  • Geometric outline sketch of how the relay batons would be displayed across the window
  • Prop Studios' original concept sketches for the Lululemon window display