WINDOWS | Yas Mall

Ted Baker

the brief

Prop Studios produced a large scale window scheme for Ted Baker’s new store in the Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi’s ultimate shopping destination.

Situated on the site of the Formula One circuit, the theme was motorsport injected with ‘boy racer bling’ with strong ties to British heritage and vintage motorsport. The display was to be semi-permanent, needed to maintain visibility to the store within and Prop Studios were encouraged to create a sculptural statement.

Our team sourced and sprayed over 3,000 toy cars, forming an elaborate ceiling display that runs around the whole interior.

Ted Baker window display at Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi
Close-up of mirror displays in Ted Baker window display
Close-up of curtains and chandelier elements of Ted Baker window display
Interior of Ted Baker store at Yas Mall

design & manufacture

Collaborating with the Ted team, Prop Studios developed a ‘car part rain’ using salvaged parts of real cars to convey the excitement of a day at the races. This included vintage ephemera; sunglasses, race pass lanyards, victory wreaths, champagne bottles and corks. Prop Studios trawled breakers yards and sourced authentic headlights, spark plugs and steering wheels.  The heavier items were strung on steel wire, including pistons, carburettors and brake discs which were then customised with spray, flock and glitter in the store theme colours.

In-store displays were also produced using framed print items, handmade wreaths and dozens of trophies varying in size, shape, material and era.

To ensure this was a straightforward installation for the Ted team, we constructed full scale timber framework sections to produce 21 metre sections of the object flown from pre-drilled steel hanging bars.  We took reference photos, dismantled, packed and issued an install manual.

  • Interior shot of wall decorations at Ted Baker, Yas Mall
  • In-store chandelier at Ted Baker, Yas Mall.
  • Concession stand at Ted Baker, Yas Mall
  • Close-up of display at Ted Baker, Yas Mall
  • Close-up of display rack at Ted Baker, Yas Mall