WINDOWS | Paint Shapes

Anya Hindmarch

the brief

Prop Studios were commissioned by Anya Hindmarch to produce the brand’s ‘Paint Shapes’ windows campaign.

Following the brand’s AW campaign, the window scheme was rolled out across all of Anya Hindmarch’s UK and international stores.

Prop Studios produced these window schemes for Anya Hindmarch at our in-house production facility
Prop Studios laser cut a variety of intricate shapes in cardboard, before assembling the entire window scheme instore
Prop Studios added a gouache acrylic paint effect, to give each shape in the Anya Hindmarch window a matte effect finish
Each Anya Hindmarch bag was positioned at the forefront of the window display to appear like a still life in its own space

design & manufacture

Prop Studios produced the schemes at our in-house production facility. The team laser cut a variety of intricate shapes out of cardboard which were then painted or gold leafed before assembling the entire scheme. A gouache acrylic paint was also used to give each shape a matte effect finish.

Each bag was positioned at the forefront to appear like a still life in its own window. The set design provided an eye-catching backdrop to the new collection.

  • Original Prop Studios technical design showing the colour and placement schemes for the Anya Hindmarch windows
  • Elevation diagrams for each of the Anya Hindmarch windows, designed exclusively by Prop Studios
  • Design showing how Prop Studios' display would fit within the wider context of the Anya Hindmarch window
  • Close-up diagram of the window display designed for Anya Hindmarch by Prop Studios