WINDOWS | Fairground


the brief

To celebrate the launch of Liberty’s new beauty room, which will double the floor space bringing in new brands such as Trish McEvoy and Bobbi Brown, Prop Studios were invited to create a colourful Ferris wheel to go in their Malborough Street window.

The playful design evoked childhood delight and pure joy, encapsulating the spirit of the launch.

Prop Studios' hand-built candyfloss cart, designed especially for Liberty department store in London
Ferris wheel, created exclusively for Prop Studios' fairground-themed window scheme for Liberty
Alternate image of candyfloss cart, designed by Prop Studios especially for Liberty
The carriage of the Ferris wheel contain products available for sale in Liberty's Beauty Hall

design & manufacture

This eye-catching turning wheel was constructed from laser cut wood with steel carriages to showcase a number of products from the Beauty Hall.

Prop Studios re-sprayed the rotating Ferris wheel that we had previously produced for Liberty to tie it into a pastel colour palette for this fairground theme.

To communicate the fairground theme, the team then made and scenic painted a candyfloss cart in distressed timbers with realistic detailing.

  • Prop Studios' original technical drawing, showing the construction of the Ferris wheel
  • Conceptual sketch showing the Liberty Ferris wheel, designed and built by Prop Studios
  • Alternative version of technical drawing, submitted to Liberty by Prop Studios to show how the Ferris wheel would be constructed
  • Technical drawing to show how Prop Studios' Ferris wheel would be constructed within the Liberty window