WINDOWS | Carnival

Al Rubaiyat

the brief

The team at Prop Studios was commissioned by Rubaiyat Modern Luxury Ltd to create a series of window schemes for a department store in Saudi Arabia. Rubaiyat Modern Luxury Ltd, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, is a luxury retail store for women in Jeddah.

The brief was to recreate a Rio carnival in the windows of the Alrubaiyat Store. The department store has four windows and we were given the task to manufacture and produce props for the window schemes as designed by the client.

"The windows look amazing and just perfect I love them so much! I am very happy we worked in this project it had been very smooth and interesting. Thanks very much to you and the team."

Amra Alabdalilsharif, Visual and Creative manager at Alrubaiyat, KSA

Full shot of one of the carnival-themed windows, designed by Prop Studios for Al Rubaiyat
Second window design for Al Rubaiyat, created by Prop Studios
Third carnival-themed window display, created for Al Rubaiyat by Prop Studios
Close-up shot of head dresses and fans, designed to create a Rio Carnival theme for Al Rubaiyat's windows

& manufacture

Each window has its own style and colour theme and gives a great impression of the excitement of the Rio de Janiero Carnival in Brazil. Three of the windows were decorated with a mannequin centrally positioned as if on a carnival float and dressed in a beautiful fabric. Each of the mannequins has an elaborate head dress made with feathers, glitter and gems. According to Carnival tradition, the colour of the costumes largely depends on the colour of the Samba school. Each mannequin is surrounded by a display of feathered head dresses and fans which creates a beautiful and elegant design. The windows are decorated with some eye-catching, animated gold stars that spin and paper lanterns that move up and down, each powered by small motors.

  • Prop Studios' initial technical drawing, showing a proposed layout for the interior of one of the Al Rubaiyat window designs
  • Prop Studios' original technical drawing, showing the design for the second window of the Al Rubaiyat carnival scheme
  • Prop Studios' original colour sketch showing the design for one of the Al Rubaiyat windows
  • Technical drawing of the dimensions for the freestanding sculptures within the window
  • Original Prop Studios design sketch, outlining the design of one of the three Al Rubaiyat windows