Design | Ready To Go


the brief

Prop Studios continue their partnership with Adidas, in this brief to create dynamic, impactful window concepts to celebrate the launch of their new women’s ‘Ready to Go’ activation.

The marketing campaign brought together stars of music, fashion & sport and looked to showcase the new lifestyle range which carries each influencer throughout their active schedules.

The brief included a secondary, digital-led interactive window which would detail further information on the collection and encourage viewers into the store through services.

A celebration of the versatile, influential female and innovative, digital-led customer experience.

Adidas Window Design | Design Concept 14 | Prop Studios
Adidas Window Design | Design Concept 16 | Prop Studios
Adidas Window Design | Design Concept 13 | Prop Studios
Adidas Window Design | Design Concept 11 | Prop Studios

the design

Our designers set out to capture the inherent energy, movement and boldness of Adidas women. Taking inspiration from the versatile, influential female; a woman who embodies a holistic approach to sport into her daily life.

This was translated into a creative, undefined, unique and multi-layered space that you adapt to, no matter what. We developed the concept of layered panels with illuminated edging, mirrors, campaign imagery surrounded by lit frames to create the illusion of depth.

Large screens show rolling video content to represent the changing environment which Adidas women are always ready for. Bespoke mannequins are placed in dynamic movements amongst the flow of the environment to display the curated collection.

The secondary window concept is a digital-led interactive window. An interactive foil is placed within the window to display content and respond to viewers actions. Swipe motions can cycle through product options and instruct the relevant content to be brought up on rear digital screens.

Vinyl artwork highlighted the opportunity of free bra fittings within the store.