Crafting Christmas since 1979

Christmas Schemes

window displays

Prop Studios have crafted award-winning Christmas window schemes for almost 40 years. From Harrods and Selfridges to Hyundai and the Tate Modern, we design and produce engaging, memorable window displays.

  • Close-up image of one of the bird cages designed by Prop Studios for Penhaligon's Christmas window scheme
  • Full size photograph of the Patron Christmas window display at Selfridges, as designed by Prop Studios

Hyundai –       South Korea

For the past few years our Designers have crafted a luxury Christmas experience for Hyundai Department Store in South Korea. Our concepts have explored traditional twists and family scenes, always keeping their clean luxury branding at the forefront. We have created a Christmas experience throughout their store with in-store activations, window schemes, in-store graphics and packaging design.

  • Prop Studios' concepts provided ways of beautifully conveying the family scenes and creating the warmth of the season for Hyundai customers
  • Prop Studios' original sketches for Hyundai's festive visual merchandising display, based on the theme of
  • The depiction of festive scenes of family, love and friendship were at the heart of Prop Studios' visual merchandising campaign
  • Our hand-sketched concepts allowed Hyundai to visualise the portrayal of the emotional festive stories the store was looking to convey
  • Design concept showing Santa's list within the workshop-themed instore VM created exclusively by Prop Studios for Hyundai
  • Each feature, alongside graphics and packaging, was designed from concept to 3D rendering and through to technical drawing by Prop Studios

The Prop Studios design team visualized the childhood traditional Christmas, such as these letters to Santa, with a mischievous twist
Bespoke gift wrap designed for Hyundai by Prop Studios

Christmas Window Displays have the exceptional ability to stop, engage and raise brand awareness, they conjure wonder and demand attention.

Jack Wills – Carnaby Street

Prop Studios designed, produced and installed a traditional yet youthful Christmas experience for Jack Wills Carnaby Street. We created a mash up of tacky with a traditional twist to create an inviting light-hearted atmosphere.

From the window scheme through to in-store installations, we created a fun, festive escape for customers. A Narnia forest with snow drifts, robins, a surprise snow-filled fitting room and selfie spots encouraged engagement and sharing online.

  • Prop Studios based the instore designs for Jack Wills on initial sketches and 3D computer renders
  • Image highlighting Prop Studios' individual design features for Jack Wills
  • From selfie-enticing window vinyls, in-store graphics, Christmas trees and a surprise snow-filled fitting room, Prop Studios crafted a fun, festive environment for Jack Wills customers
  • Computer renders of the signage created for the VM scheme by Prop Studios
  • Initial design concepts created by Prop Studios for the Jack Wills store
  • Initial concept designs created by Prop Studios, showing details which were to be hidden within the Jack Wills store
  • Computer drawings showing the initial designs created for the visual merchandising scheme by Prop Studios

Visual Merchandising | Christmas Scheme
Close-up image of bespoke lit lettering, designed exclusively for Jack Wills by Prop Studios
Jack Wills Covent Garden Prop Studios Christmas Schemes

Christmas windows are, traditionally, exciting explosions of festivity and fun. If anything is going to encourage shoppers to pause for minute, look up from their screens and enjoy reality – it’s a Christmas window.

Harrods Christmas

Prop Studios has created Harrods Christmas window schemes and in-store installations for the iconic department store over the last 40 years. We have designed and manufactured magical snow globes, jars and vases, miniature snow villages, life-size reindeer and a 4 metre long sleigh across our Christmas schemes with Harrods.

To stand out this Christmas, start by showcasing your brands unique personality through your window displays.

Selfridges Christmas

Prop Studios produced a Slefridges Christmas window scheme for Patrón. In keeping with Selfirdges annual Christmas window theme, this year as ‘Constellation’, we created an oversized Patrón bottle, using up to 800 LED lights varying in sizes and dynamic shades to give a realistic illusion of stars in the night sky.

The bottle was suspended from a central turntable rotating 180 degrees across the window so that it would radiate as each customer walks past for increased footfall and engagement.

Full size photograph of the Patron Christmas window display at Selfridges, as designed by Prop Studios
Image of three Patron bottles on display in the Selfridges window
Close-up shot of the giant Patron bottle sculpture, mounted on a turntable in the Selfridges window

Christmas window designs

As the lead up to Christmas in London sees the most prestigious department stores transform into magical wonderlands, tourists flock from all over to see a glimpse of this spectacle.

From the dazzling display of Harrods Christmas decorations to the uncompromising light scenes that is Selfridges Christmas, Prop Studios become immersed in brands to craft world-class, human experiences.

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