VM | Christmas Scheme

Tate Modern

the brief

Prop Studios worked with Tate Modern to produce a bold contemporary Christmas scheme for the museum’s store.

In 2014, RCA graduates Signe Emma & Theodoulos Polyviou won a competition for their ‘The Illusion of Christmas’ cards to be sold at Tate Modern. The museum’s Christmas scheme would be based on these bold red and white designs.

Tate Modern commissioned these bestselling Christmas cards to be transformed into enlarged hanging displays.

Crafting a bold Christmas display for a contemporary gallery.

Close-up image showing the three separate layers of contrasting lines used in the Tate Modern display to create a sense of depth and optical illusion
Prop Studios' instore designs were placed within the Tate Modern's gift shop, adding a contemporary festive spirit to the gallery
Prop Studios' brief was to create a bold Christmas visual merchandising display for the contemporary art gallery
Close-up image showing how the three-layered card designs interacted with each other

design & manufacture

Placed within Tate’s gift store, the card designs were printed across three separate layers to create depth and sense of illusion.