WINDOWS | Make My Magnum, Selfridges


the brief

The team at Prop Studios were thrilled to work on this very visual and interactive project with The Edje experience design on behalf of Magnum/Unilever.

Celebrating their 25th birthday, world-famous Magnum wanted to create a memorable experience in London. Doing so in style, they unveiled the ultimate pop-up experience in luxury department store, Selfridges. The Make My Magnum experience offered customers the chance to create their own Magnum choosing from a delectable combination of toppings and chocolate coatings.

The Selfridges window displays are well known to be of high quality and this project was no different. Our brief was to create four windows to advertise what was inside and two windows to promote a new limited edition Magnum and Selfridges product which had been created especially for the launch.

"Well done to you and all the team for all the hard work last night and Friday night, the results are spectacular and to be proud of!"

Kate Petridi - The Edje

One of the four window displays designed by Prop Studios for Magnum at Selfridges
The second window design for Magnum at Selfridges by Prop Studios, showcasing an unwrapped Magnum
Two images of the gold, jewelled Magnum bar, designed by Prop Studios for Selfridges
Prop Studios' final Make My Magnum window display, marking 25 years of the ice cream brand

design & manufacture

We worked with the team at Unilever on developing their designs for the four main windows promoting the Make My Magnum in store experience. We were given concept visuals which we took inspiration from and built upon to give that real WOW factor, adding our own unique touches and design features.

We also had to create and design two additional windows to promote the limited edition product. These two windows sit in harmony on either side of the main entrance to Selfridges, so it was important we identified some key elements which could remain consistent whilst still in keeping with Magnum’s identity. These were identified as colours: brown and gold, and lighting.

We used a signature Magnum wallpaper graphic to clad the back and side walls of both windows as well as keeping a glittery gold floor consistent throughout both windows.

We designed the first window as a direct representation of the product we were promoting. The product itself was enlarged 10 times and embellished with a lighting element under the lip of the box to give a sense of anticipation about the treasure inside. A brushed gold frame with bulbs was added to frame and glamorise the product and balloons to further frame the box and an element of celebration of the 25th anniversary.

We wanted the main focus of the second window to be the content of the film, so we kept the surrounding elements to a minimum. We decided on some hanging bulbs on a brown flex with a brushed gold fitting to compliment the frame in the other window.

The four main windows of Selfridges department store are all designed with completely different themes and are bespoke designed especially for the celebration.

The main corner window has a large 2.5 meter balloon which is blow-moulded from acrylic and contains a sparkling jewelled gold Magnum, an electric fan in the base blew petals around the balloon like a snow globe. The next window has a giant Magnum branded wrapper which is torn open to reveal a classic ice-cream lit up inside. Magnum’s new champagne ice-cream features in the third window with three glittered and jewelled models in silver and a floor printed onto the same material which is used for their wrapper. The last window rises from a floor of ice-cream sticks to a carved chocolate-drizzled ice-cream and is surrounded by suspended mini models in chocolate and naked ice-cream.

The limited edition Crème Brule window houses a lighting frame made from brushed gold di-bond, cut and scored as a net and wrapped around a timber frame. The light fittings were then installed in each modular section before the final assembly on site and the installation of light bulbs. The box is a timber frame wrapped with a printed graphic before being overlaid with a metallic gold foil M logo. We sourced a super bright LED strip to use for the lighting element on the underside of the lip which you could remotely control the colour temperature of to ensure the warmth was consistent with the other elements as lighting was a really important element for the client. The floor panels were pre-cut and wrapped with a glittery fabric, colour-matched to the warmth of gold in the other window elements.
We completed the installation with crews working closely in the confined spaces to achieve the finished result.

What is really exciting was that our sister brand FormRoom created the bar in the wonder room of Selfridges. To find out more about the design and manufacture.


  • Prop Studios' initial technical sketch for one of the Make My Magnum windows
  • Prop Studios' blueprint for the unwrapped Magnum window
  • Prop Studios' technical outline for another of the Make My Magnum window designs
  • Technical blueprint for the Selfridges window containing three silver Magnums
  • Technical sketch showcasing Prop Studios' original for the golden Magnum encased in a clear balloon